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The most frequently asked questions about the UMBRAGROUP world

Is it possible to carry out an internship experience in UMBRAGROUP?

Is customization of UMBRAGROUP products provided?

Do you have an e-commerce platform?

Which type of bearing is most suitable for axial loads?

Which type of bearing is best suited for radial loads?

How does UMBRAGROUP's aftermarket service work?

How can I send my application to access a job opportunity at UMBRAGROUP?

What is the dynamic load capacity C of rolling bearings and how is it calculated?

What is the static load capacity C0 of rolling bearings and how is it calculated?

What is the L10 life of rolling bearings and how is it calculated?

Are there any policies to promote Work-Life Balance?

Are your products available online?

Does e-commerce platform offer technical assistance?

Can I also buy bearings online?

Can I still send my CV even if it does not correspond to the professional profiles described in the Open Positions?

Can I customize the Welfare service package?

What is the limiting speed of a bearing?

What classes of radial and axial clearance are available?

What precision classes are available?

What training courses does UMBRAGROUP offer its employees?

What products do you sell on your e-commerce platform?

Which bearings are best suited for mounting in pairs?

What are the UMBRAGROUP certifications?

Will I receive feedback after my application?

Regarding the lubrication of bearings: what are the risks of lack of lubrication?

Does UMBRAGROUP implement a Welfare policy?

Does Umbragroup deal with bearing lubrication?

Does UMBRAGROUP care about the environment?