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KUHN Präzisionsspindeln und Gewindetechnik GmbH

A history of excellence

KUHN’s history began in 1963 when the Kuhn brothers, starting from simple grinding operations for drive shafts, began to design and produce the first recirculating ball screws. The Baden Württemberg region, rich with industrial opportunities, immediately rewarded their intuition and hard work, enabling the company to grow until reaching a staff size of 120 employees in the late 1980s.

A prestigious company

At that time KUHN was a highly-regarded, benchmark company for linear actuator technology in Germany, a country which was about to become the world leader in the machine tool sector.

The Historical Engineering Archives bear witness to the presence of KUHN screws in all the most innovative and technological machinery of the period. But the severe crisis of the early 1990s unfortunately led to KUHN’s downsizing.

The arrival of UMBRAGROUP

This excellent wealth of knowledge and expertise would have probably been lost if, in 1996, UMBRAGROUP hadn’t arrived with a considerable injection of energy and determination that shot KUHN back up to the top just a few years later. Today the company boasts a 2,300 m2 production plant and 250 m2 of office space.

Cooperation within UMBRAGROUP, investments in machinery, team spirit, and transfer of know-how did the rest.

Positive energy

Today KUHN is a strong team and robust industrial organization which, thanks to its advanced technological expertise, competes with all the most prestigious German and Japanese competitors.

After developing a model of multiethnic cultural integration, KUHN also offers an opportunity to talented young people who want to take a chance and tackle high-level challenges. It’s a company that looks forward to the ambitious challenges of the future with steadfast, unending energy.

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