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Life in Umbra

We create value to be FIRST!

Welcome to the world of UMBRAGROUP, a world of amazing people!

In UMBRAGROUP the individuals make all the difference. An ethical, proactive approach and a sense of belonging are what set our employees apart and inspire them, and these key elements are reflected in the quality and performance of our products.

The importance of our people

The FIRST values serve as an inspiration to each person in the Group in guiding their everyday choices, whether personal or professional. The relationship between the company and its people is based on honesty and respect for others, the environment, and the community. We encourage people to take on responsibility at all levels, stimulating them to become an integral part of company life, sharing its vision, mission, and values.

Life in UMBRAGROUP isn't just about producing something unique for our clients; it's also about creating a workplace that celebrates the value of people, helping them feel like the driving force in their work, and offering the right work-life balance. Working in UMBRAGROUP becomes a way of life that incorporates and blends different areas of everyday life: 

  • career ambitions
  • relationships with others
  • work-life balance
  • relationships with the company and with the community.

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