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Engineering Capability

An integrated approach

The design of aerospace products requires an interdisciplinary, interactive engineering approach. UMBRAGROUP offers highly qualified design and production support for recirculating ball screws, ball bearings, gears, safety rods, no-back devices, devices for primary and secondary load lines, anti-rotation mechanisms, electric motors, static and dynamic brakes, and solenoids.

Integrated, flexible systems

The Group offers comprehensive support in the design of EMA (electromechanical actuator) systems. EMAs with UMBRAGROUP architecture constitute a significant step forward compared to traditional hydraulic and mechanical configurations. In what way? Extensive component integration results in a versatile, reliable, compact design of the smallest possible weight. The optimized system, both linear and rotary, makes it possible to operate in a vast range of applications and conditions.

Experience that benefits the customer

UMBRAGROUP relies on a capable and sizeable engineering team covering all the fields of technical expertise required by a modern organization for the design of high-tech aerospace products:

  • Functional and stress analyses
  • Safety
  • Mechanical design
  • Hardware and software design
  • Electronics, simulation, and electrical design
  • Materials and processes
  • Validation and performance tests

Prototyping and testing

UMBRAGROUP has a strong, integrated organization for the testing and prototyping of products in development, both by specific in-house departments, and through the SERMS company, an integral part of the Group.

Engineering and qualification testing are the final phases of the validation and testing process. We can perform most of these activities within the Group’s own organization. Special test benches are part of a huge investment that also includes structures for general use such as climatic chambers, silent chamber, vibration platforms, semi-anechoic chamber, EMI equipment and vacuum chamber.

Research & Development programs

Through the years, UMBRAGROUP has been a lead character in the introduction of numerous product innovations, including: 

  • The use of corrosion-resistant materials to produce recirculating ball screws
  • The use of ceramic balls
  • PTFE gaskets
  • Ball recirculation inside screw shafts
  • Safety lock devices
  • Anti-rotation mechanisms
  • Integrated architecture for electromechanical actuators, fault-tolerant actuators, fully redundant actuators, rotary actuators based on recirculating ball screw technology

At present, intense R&D activity is focused on electric aircraft: UMBRAGROUP is participating in the development of electromechanical landing gear and primary and secondary actuators, for both fixed and rotary wings. A strong, well-organized collaboration effort with universities and R&D centers and widespread participation in Italian and European R&D programs form the cornerstone of the Group’s research activity.

Umbra Development System

Our goal is to “be the forefront”, and to offer our customers innovative products that meet the demands of an extremely dynamic market. For this reason, we’ve formed integrated teams of engineers coming from the Research & Development, Analyses, Design, Testing, Production, Continuous Improvement, and Purchasing departments.

These teams are coordinated by the Project Managers with the aim of developing products of excellence. Through the Lean Six Sigma projects, UMBRAGROUP reduces cost and lead time in the production process. We support the customer through co-design activities based on performance and cost objectives starting from the project definition stage.

We’re our customer’s partner, always by their side offering engineering support at every stage of the product’s life cycle.

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