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A&D Funded Projects


Re-lubrication of Electro-mechanical actuators (EMA) is synonymous with aircraft downtime, mobilising resources, increased aircraft operating costs and higher risk of fault conditions caused by human error.

With the challenging task of eliminating re-lubrication during the entire electro-mechanical actuator operating life, UMBRAGROUP is leading the R&D project LubForLife, in collaboration with academics and industrial partners.

LubForLife project seeks to achieve more realistic results by addressing the needs of a real flight-control actuator based upon requirements set with one of the major European airframer.

All the main aspects identified as drivers such as tribology, architecture and configuration have been analysed for the definition of a new standard of electromechanical actuators with no maintenance tasks or very limited ones.

Within the LubForLife project, UMBRAGROUP has been able to design and manufacture hardware (mock-up, test units) and software (Digital Twin) and then performed tests to validate the theoretical studies.