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High performance

UMBRAGROUP pays the utmost attention to the innovation of products and processes, in order to meet the increasingly demanding requests of our customers, without ever losing sight of critical aspects such as Green Technology and Safety.

New products but also new processes are now used in order to achieve system and production performance that was once not thought possible.


The challenge of the future is electric and in that future we want to be protagonists in the electrification of aircraft in eliminating polluting materials, facilitating maintenance and improving aircraft energy efficiency. We envision high-efficiency electric and mechanical motors, combined with dedicated designs as the answer to the challenges of the future.

Here are some examples of electrified systems produced by UMBRAGROUP that were typically hydraulic:

  • Brakes
  • Landing gears
  • Wing surface

Industry 4.0

Efficient and "intelligent" facilities. Increasingly efficient and smart facilities must produce better products and processes along with enhanced service and lower costs for the customer. Information collection and analysis, automation and TPM are some of the key tools. Collaborations with giants such as Siemens will allow UMBRAGROUP always remain at the top of the quantitative and qualitative capacities in production.

Prognostic health monitoring: preventing sudden plant failures is vital to avoid delays and inefficiencies. More and more targeted and dedicated maintenance will be needed to reduce downtime and costs. The ability to receive data from machinery and systematically analyze them will allow Umbra to develop targeted and dynamic maintenance plans.

New Materials

The Green Challenge. UMBRAGROUP has always focused on improving material performance by reducing weight and lengthening system lifespans. A new challenge is presented by the ever-increasing demand to incorporate Green Technology: solutions and new surface coatings that avoid the use of hazardous and polluting materials such as hexavalent chromium are being studied and used in the Group's new systems.

Advanced manufacturing technology

Performance and sustainability. With new technologies come new opportunities. Thanks to new technologies such as Additive manufacturing, it will be possible to have ever lighter and better performing systems. UMBRAGROUP is already exploring and implementing this technology in its systems; we are convinced that many benefits for the industry will come from this technology, both in terms of performance and costs and in terms of sustainability.

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