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Thomson® A&D

Licensed brand of Linear Motion LLC

A legendary name in the Aerospace industry

Thomson® Aerospace & Defense*, a licensed brand of Linear Motion LLC, is a legendary name within the US and global aerospace industry.

As early as 1936, the company, at the time a division of General Motors headquartered in Saginaw, Michigan, was pioneering the field of ball screws for use in automotive power steering systems.

At the beginning of the 1940s the Company reached a new historic milestone by successfully developing the first ball screw used for the legendary B-29 "Superfortress" bomber, the aircraft used at the end of the Second World War which helped to change the global geopolitical balance.

*Thomson® is a registered trademark of Thomson Industries, Inc.

The history of Thomson® Aerospace & Defense

The company became Thomson® Aerospace & Defense in 1987 when it was acquired by Thomson Industries, with the goal of entering the aerospace market with linear motion solutions and expanding highly successful industrial product lines. In 2002 the company was acquired by Danaher Corporation and in 2011 by Meggitt.


Now an UMBRAGROUP Company

The acquisition of Thomson® Aerospace & Defense allows UMBRAGROUP to:

  • acquire new civilian programs
  • to expand more deeply into the defense and nuclear sectors
  • supply the aerospace "elite" with aeronautical ball screws, actuators and electromechanical systems Made by UMBRAGROUP in the USA.

The product portfolio consists of ball screws, linear bearings, electromechanical actuators and repair and maintenance services. The factory, with offices and production, now occupies about 15,800 square meters.

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