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Corporate Governance Bodies

The bodies making up the company

This is the section on the corporate governance bodies. The data shown provide information on some of the persons making up the company - the members of the Board of Directors, the Board of Statutory Auditors and the Remuneration and Appointments Committee.

Board of Directors

Corporate Governance Bodies1

Board of Statutory Auditors and Independent Auditing Company

Corporate Governance Bodies2

Supervisory Board

Corporate Governance Bodies3

Strategic Committee

The Strategic Committee plays an advisory and proactive role for the parent company’s Board of Directors.

Its activity, falling within the framework of the strategies and policies approved by the Board of Directors, consists of the determination of the Group’s strategic business guidelines, portfolio and strategic finance guidelines and policies, and those for individual extraordinary finance operations, while monitoring the progress of their implementation over time.

The committee is also responsible for the preliminary examination of long-term strategic plans, the Group investment budget, any acquisitions, joint ventures, mergers, demergers and spin-offs, and other extraordinary operations to be submitted to the Board of Directors.

Remuneration and Appointments Committee

Chair: Beatrice Baldaccini
Members: Donatella Busso and Andrea Sasso

The Remuneration and Appointments Committee periodically evaluates the overall consistency and actual application of the remuneration policy for directors and managers in charge of strategy, availing itself in the latter case of the information provided by the CEOs.

The Remuneration and Appointments Committee is made up of 3 members, of which two are independent.

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