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SERMS was founded in 2004 as a spin-off of the University of Perugia. The idea behind SERMS is to use entrepreneurial and innovative expertise acquired in the Testing & Design sector for scientific experiments devoted to studying fundamental physics in space.

Over the years, the cultural exchange process, stemming from the company’s academic origin, applied the market’s elements of “competitive advantage”. This made it possible to create a continuing path of growth and development that offers innovative, high-quality services and has increased the awareness that Space can be considered a scientific system of strategic importance, situated within a larger industrial world.

The sector’s highly-technical environment demands a constant adaptation of resources to the increasingly stringent requirements of applicable qualification standards, both in investments for better-performing instruments, and in training more highly-qualified personnel.

Funded Projects

The history of SERMS in UMBRAGROUP

SERMS became part of the UMBRAGROUP in 2017. The process of consolidation of the professional expertise led SERMS to take part in important cooperation relationships with research institutions, as well as with national and international companies, offering its customers a vast range of Environmental Testing & Mechanical Design services for use in the aerospace, automotive, naval, and industrial sectors.

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