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A group born in Italy with a worldwide presence.

The Group is led by the parent company UMBRAGROUP S.p.A., founded in 1972 in Foligno (PG), in Italy. Managed by a forward-looking management inspired by FIRST values ​​and accompanied by passion, ability and ambition, the Group is today one of the main players on the global scene.

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With offices located in Italy, the United States and Germany, the Group is a united force


UMBRAGROUP has overcome the challenge of internationalization by grasping its potential and enhancing its distinctiveness, investing in innovation and research, in a common management system, standardizing processes and facilitating the sharing of corporate data and best practices among the various Group companies.

A leading group in the aviation market

UMBRAGROUP produces ball screws, high precision mechanical and mechatronic components for the aerospace market, critical for flight. In every aircraft with more than 100 seats, an UMBRAGROUP-brand component is installed: we guarantee safety in flight!

The Group operates in a global context with a wide range of products. This diffusion in the market is guaranteed by high performance. The search for innovative and high-performance solutions has guaranteed success in a highly competitive market for all the products UMBRAGROUP produces, such as ball screws, bearingsactuators and balls.

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