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A visionary idea

In 1972 UMBRAGROUP was just a dream, the vision of a few enlightened entrepreneurs that was destined to become reality in 1993. This reality took the shape of a company that has never stopped growing and looking forward to the future, constantly tackling new challenges, studying and adopting innovative solutions.

UMBRAGROUP’s history is one of constant development both organically and through strong, strategically targeted international acquisitions.

Today UMBRAGROUP is the world leader in the manufacture of ball screws in the aeronautics sector and one of the main players in the industrial market, providing high-tech, durable, high-performance solutions for various needs. With plants in Italy, Germany, and the United States, the Group’s focus is on serving the following businesses worldwide:

  • Aircraft manufacturers;
  • Integrated systems manufacturers;
  • Airlines;
  • Machine tool manufacturers.

The reasons for UMBRAGROUP’s growth and success

UMBRAGROUP has seen strong development and significant growth in recent years, related mainly to its continuing investments in facilities, training and research, and its strategic acquisition policy. What are the key factors in this success?  A vision with an eye on the future, for constant improvement in production that focuses on increasing functionality and reliability. And there is the human capital, the people, who have always been the true wealth at the center of UMBRAGROUP’s business, an indispensable element for ensuring its position at the forefront in the development of processes and products, based on the essential values embodied in the acronym “FIRST”.