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Our values: clear and non-negotiable

The values that inspire our daily work, and which are shared with every individual of UMBRAGROUP’s team, are enclosed in the acronym F.I.R.S.T. These form the guiding principles driving our operations and are the reason why customers choose us time after time. We work to be FIRST! And we do it every single day, demonstrating these essential values:

  • Focus on the customer: Customer satisfaction is the driving force of our operations. We want to establish a long-lasting partnership, based on mutual trust and confidence. We learn about the customer’s history and listen to their needs, so we can really make a difference. We strive to improve ourselves continuously, so we can offer pioneering solutions and create value!
  • Innovation: We study new ideas that are conducive to innovation and the improvement of processes, skills, and interpersonal relations.
  • Respect: We listen to everyone and are open to dialogue; we encourage professional discussion and the exchange of views. We create loyal relationships based on trust and confidence, both within the internal community and outside.
  • Social Responsibility: We promote responsible attitudes at all levels and the development of positive, transparent relationships. The enterprise is a common good, belonging both to everyone who works within it and to the outside community.
  • Teamwork: We cultivate passion and the determination to accept and overcome challenges, in keeping with our vision. Our strength lies in the Team!

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