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Manufacturing Capability

Real-time information and Latest-generation technology

Our fast, flexible industrial production lines are organized and managed according to “lean” criteria. The implementation of Lean Six Sigma, 5S, and TPM methods results in a streamlined, flexible advancement of the parts.

The daily machine load is optimized by means of dedicated production scheduling, planning, and monitoring software programs, which ensure OTD by matching the commercial demand with the work planning.

Real-time information

Every part involved in production has its specific documentation, thus guaranteeing the proper sequencing of the processing phases to be carried out (turning, heat treatment, grinding, lapping, checking, and assembly) and the tracking of the parts.
Control plans are used for every processing phase, and we record the critical/functional dimensions using dedicated software programs, in compliance with the customer’s requirements. The process controls are carried out both directly by the operator and by specific, certified quality departments.
All information is available in real time and kept for a minimum of 3 years.

Control of the production process makes it possible to precisely map the outcoming quantities from each machining center, as well as the efficiency, use, and compliance with the quality standards (OEE).

Latest-generation technology

The production lines are equipped with latest-generation numerical control machines.
The turning process removes swarf from soft and hardened steels (milling, threading, and boring).

The UMBRAGROUP machine fleet can perform universal out-of-round grinding (external, internal), as well as the grinding of longitudinal workpieces, workpieces of complex shapes (ellipses, hexagons, etc.), and trilobal-shaped pieces.

With the company’s current technologies, the above-mentioned machining processes can be used for the following sizes:

  • Ball screws
    Diameter: 10 mm to 180 mm
    Length: up to 8 meters

  • Bearings
    External diameters: 90 mm to 850 mm

The continuous training of all the personnel translates into maximum flexibility and versatility for the company.

Non-destructive tests (Nital, MPI, liquid penetrants, ultrasound, etc.) are performed to ensure that the metal remains intact and to guarantee the conformity of the machining processes carried out.

The final assembly, technical testing, and packing phases enable us to deliver our customers an excellent product with impeccable, punctual, top quality service.

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