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There is no better place to service your parts than where they were born!

UMBRAGROUP offers maintenance, overhaul, and repair services for products in the Industrial market. Our enhanced Aftermarket services add value to the relationship with the customer by responding to all their needs in a personalized way and adapting and structuring services according to their needs.

Our services are available for all the main products in the Industrial market:


Thanks to the experience and skills of highly qualified operators and by utilizing top-quality materials and equipment, we can guarantee an excellent service both on UMBRAGROUP branded products and supplied by third parties.

Requests for our Industrial Aftermarket services can be made at the facilities below:

Our Aftermarket Industrial services provide ongoing, long-term customer support. On each product that is processed, we provide customers with precise guidance on the periodic reviews necessary to ensure correct performance monitoring.

This approach makes possible the implementation of products performance from a predictive maintenance perspective, with ability to intervene before downtime occurs.

Another key aspect of our Aftermarket services is the analysis phase in which customer’s product is disassembled and assessments are conducted to determine its integrity or possible repairability. And then, if necessary, the correct maintenance actions are defined.

UMBRAGROUP provides customers with a safety storage service for products received at the company throughout the entire service period. In addition, we guarantee the customer the possibility of keeping a precautionary stock of critical components in our warehouse. The safety stock can also provide an efficient and timelier repair if products encounter issues involving critical components.

To ensure the best long-term performance to our solutions, UMBRAGROUP, together with the Aftermarket services, offers the possibility of a specialized and dedicated training to customers, so that they can independently perform ordinary maintenance operations on their products.

We can guarantee spare part availability to carry out the necessary repairs on the product. Furthermore, if the product is not repairable, we offer a redesign and production service to create an equivalent or superior solution from scratch, suitable to the customer's needs. Finally, UMBRAGROUP can directly handle non-repairable products.


UMBRAGROUP is against waste, which is why our Aftermarket services promote sustainable actions and behaviors by focusing on a circular economic model. This allows both cost reduction and significant waste reduction by promoting reuse rather than scrapping.

UMBRAGROUP’s fundamental philosophy is to repair rather than entirely replace products. This provides customers with considerable advantages such elongating the product’s life cycle.

Furthermore, UMBRAGROUP uses recyclable materials in its Aftermarket services!

For more information on our enhanced Industrial Aftermarket services. Please consult our brochure below or request it by writing directly to our reference contacts.


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