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Research and development

Constant improvement and innovation of devices and technologies

Thanks to its ability to anticipate customer needs and its strong, high-performance R&D activity, UMBRAGROUP’s products and services have evolved and gained a stable position in the marketplace. It has become the industry benchmark.

Revolutionizing Motion Solutions

The goal of revolutionizing motion solutions has led to major innovations over the years:

  • the use, for the first time in the world, of a stainless steel (Cronidur 30) for the recirculating ball screws used for moving airplane surfaces;
  • the use of ceramic balls on screws, even before they gained wide use in the ball bearing sector;
  • the development of short-stroke screws to replace hydraulic cylinders;
  • close integration of mechanical with electrical/electronic components in electromechanical actuators;
  • the continuous introduction of reliable special processes.

The R&D activity includes the use of tools such as the “House of Quality” and “TRIZ”, which are helpful in recognizing market demands and acting as connecting links among engineering, sales, and marketing.

In today’s industrial sector we also make use of typical OpEx (Operation Excellence) tools.

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