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How does UMBRAGROUP's aftermarket service work?

UMBRAGROUP provides its customers with an efficient Aftermarket service for both Industrial and Aerospace market products.

UMBRAGROUP's Industrial aftermarket service includes maintenance, overhaul and repair for all products in the industrial market, such as electromechanical actuators, bearingsball screws and electrospindles. This is a service of excellence that operates both on UMBRAGROUP branded products and those supplied by third parties. The service is available worldwide and is split between the UMBRAGROUP headquarters in Foligno and KUHN Präzisionsspindeln Und Gewindetechnik, which handles incoming requests from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Instead, UMBRAGROUP's aerospace aftermarket service is designed to provide the best aftermarket service in the aerospace industry. Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise in the field, we are able to offer a complete maintenance service and supply of spare parts for civil and defence aircraft components. Divisions are active at both the Foligno and Saginaw (Michigan - USA) sites to offer customers, wherever they are, a fast, complete and dedicated service.

To request information on our aftermarket services, simply fill in the form on the contact page, specifying the type of information in the appropriate field. As soon as possible, one of our operators will contact you to better define the service. In addition, we also have a dedicated, emergency-only toll-free number for aircraft on the ground.

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