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Does UMBRAGROUP care about the environment?

At the heart of the FIRST acronym and the UMBRAGROUP world is respect for the world around us. By continuously monitoring and reviewing activities and processes, UMBRAGROUP is able to identify those with the greatest environmental impact, to define improvement objectives that concern not only the internal organization but all stakeholders.

The analysis of the effects, then, is not limited to what happens within the company but concerns the entire supply chain by means of field audits. These are processes that lead to the obtainment of certifications that certify UMBRAGROUP's attention to the environment.

UMBRAGROUP's philosophy provides for the centrality of policies relating to the environment, health, and safety of workers and the conscious use of energy. Furthermore, the company undertakes to disseminate and consolidate the culture of respect for the environment and a healthy and sustainable lifestyle in governance, employees, and collaborators.

To this end, the Company undertakes to evaluate and manage environmental risks, correct conditions that threaten the environment and humans, carry out relatively periodic checks, and manage and dispose of waste according to current regulations.

With a view to improving processes and making them more environmentally sustainable, UMBRAGROUP has invested over the years by implementing ad hoc strategies to protect the environment and focusing on various aspects concerning corporate life:

  • Control and reduction of water consumption with reuse of wastewater for internal use;
  • Reduction of waste generated per product unit;
  • Reduction of energy consumption through the improvement of control and measurement systems and thermal insulation of the building envelope;
  • Adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles for the company fleet.

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