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Does UMBRAGROUP implement a Welfare policy?

UMBRAGROUP wants to partner with its employees through a Welfare and Benefits policy, which includes:

  • Bonuses linked to company bargaining objectives which are converted into Welfare credits
  • Welfare platform for managing one's credits
  • Supplementary health insurance for you and your family
  • Personal Trainer and nutritional counseling
  • Discounts at businesses located throughout the area
  • Services designed for children, both young children and teenagers, such as:
    • revention package within the first year of age or prevention package from 1 to 18 years
    • Summer Campus when school is closed for children up 14 years of age
    • Possibility of company internships (school-work alternation, university and post-graduate curricular internships)
    • UMBRAGROUP is the main sponsor of the "Washington Business Week", an experience of approaching the world of business dedicated to third and fourth year high school students

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