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The Valter Baldaccini Foundation

The Foundation was formed in 2015, a year after Valter Baldaccini, the Founder of UMBRAGROUP, passed to eternal life. It serves to carry on the legacy of his life, his values, and his actions as a Christian and an enlightened entrepreneur. Its current chairwoman is Beatrice Baldaccini.

The Mission of the Foundation

The Foundation works to aid those who need help the most, running local and international projects designed with struggling families in mind, initiatives that create job opportunities and educational programs that give people a chance at advancement. One of its goals is to support the communities where UMBRAGROUP production plants are located.

“The Valter Baldaccini Foundation, of which UMBRAGROUP is a founding member, is proof of the importance the Group places on respecting individuals, respecting others, and respecting diversity, and how much compassion can be hidden in simple yet practical gestures.” (Antonio Baldaccini, CEO & President of UMBRAGROUP)

Visit the Foundation website to learn more about all its projects.