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Environmentally friendly work processes and methods

“I am part of an immense life that generously shines around me.” (St. Francis of Assisi)

UMBRAGROUP’s world centers on respect, including respect for the world surrounding us. Indeed, this is one of the key values guiding the company’s operations. But how do we achieve environmental respect and sustainability? By constantly monitoring and re-examining all the activities and processes to identify those with the greatest environmental impact, and to define goals for improvement that involve not only the company’s internal organization, but all the stakeholders as well.

And the analysis of the effects is not limited simply to what goes on within the companies, but instead concerns the entire supply chain, where on-site audits may be performed. These are processes that make it possible to obtain certifications testifying to UMBRAGROUP’s attention to the environment.

We invest in a healthier future

Our goal is to improve processes by making them more environmentally sustainable. UMBRAGROUP has made investments over the years focusing on specific actions:

  • Monitoring and reduction of water consumption and reuse of wastewater for internal purposes;
  • Reduction of the waste generated per product unit;
  • Reduction of energy consumption via improvement of the monitoring and measurement systems and thermal insulation of the building envelope;
  • Use of hybrid and electric vehicles for the company fleet.




Since 2018 we have been promoting Ecomoving, a project conceived for employees that stresses the importance of reducing environmental impact starting from the trips between home and work. The choice of a sustainable means for commuting to and from work – on foot, by bicycle, with public transport, or by carpooling – is an important first step. It’s a goal we made even more appealing by inventing a small in-group “competition”: using the Wecity app, each participant can accumulate CO2 points based on the sustainability of their trip (i.e. the quantity of CO2 saved); the points will later be converted into prizes.

Community Projects

Since we are part of a larger community, and since we are all involved in trying to keep our environment as healthy as possible, the Umbra Group promotes various initiatives involving the community, such as:

We firmly believe that, when it comes to eco-sustainability, there is strength in numbers; and it is through projects of cooperation with other organizations that we focus on the renewable energy market, as well as on the reduction of the environmental impact produced by the aviation industry.

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