This is a story of sustainability which revolves around the fundamental role bees play in nature.

This is a story of sustainability and responsibility. This is an UMBRAGROUP story.

A story that speaks of the environment and the protection of biodiversity. How small gestures can achieve a great goal, how small creatures can make a great contribution to our planet.
Thanks - also - to our help.

In this story, UMBRAGROUP wore astronaut clothes, not to go to the Moon, but to join the "Pollinate the planet" project, promoted by Partner 3Bee, which makes it possible to protect a hive from a distance even without being beekeepers.

Thanks to this project, a professional beekeeper takes care of our hive and we, thanks to an innovative remote monitoring system, can follow its development and growth.
Each hive is cared for and managed exclusively with sustainable methods, using technologies that expose the beekeeper and bees to the least amount of stress.

Each of these bees, each pollinated flower, each supported beekeeper, in turn tells an exciting story, a story about nature, work, technology and love for the planet.


A world without bees would be decidedly different from the one we know. The pollination action carried out by bees enables the reproduction of many plants, maintaining the balance of ecosystems and preserving biodiversity.

Bees are essential not only for the survival of many plant species, but also for us: over two thirds of food crops are available thanks to their pollination activity.

These insects are crucial for our survival and for the well-being of the planet, yet, precisely because of the negative impact that humans and human activities have on the environment, they are in danger of disappearing.

This is due to pesticides, diseases and climate change which have led, in just thirty years, to the world’ population of bees and wasps to shrink by nearly 40%.

"If bees disappeared from the face of the Earth,
man would only have four years of life left ".


Adopting a hive allows us to:

  • Support the work of a local Italian beekeeper

  • Safeguard the health of bees and reduce their mortality

  • Protect biodiversity by allowing the pollination of about 300 million flowers (per hive adopted)

  • Indirectly absorb tons of CO2 emitted


This is the UMBRAGROUP Hive.
See it up close and discover the honey we produce!


The bees we are protecting don't just produce delicious honey.

Joining the "Pollinate the planet" project allows us to stand alongside numerous other brands attentive to environmental sustainability, able to make a significant contribution to the protection of bees and consequently to the planet, with a concrete, strong and important impact on the preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems.

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