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UMBRAGROUP joins the 'Pollinate the Planet' project in cooperation with partner 3Bee

On the occasion of UMBRAGROUP's 50th Anniversary, we continue to anticipate the future by thinking to our extended community, to our stakeholders and above all to the next generations.

This is why UMBRAGROUP decided to support Partner 3Bee in writing one of their stories entitled: 'Pollinate the Planet'. This is how the UMBRAGROUP beehive was born, supporting a beekeeper from our region and protecting the biodiversity of our planet.

The 3Bee Partner also embodies and embraces our same values and thanks to its agri-technology not only allows us to remotely monitor the UMBRAGROUP hive, but also to ensure that the hives in the 3Bee network are cared for using entirely sustainable methods.

"To be FIRST it is not enough to look to the future, but to anticipate tomorrow; and this is what our Group has been doing for 50 years" (Sara Ortolani, Chief Executive Officer Environment, Health, Safety)


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