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Our Candidate Selection Process

Focus on the individual

UMBRAGROUP conducts its personnel selection process with care, believing firmly in its focus on the individual. The purpose of the procedure is to identify the right qualities and skills connected to the role in keeping with the company values and culture.

 The various steps of our selection process aim to get a clear picture of the candidate's personality, skills, and values, enabling them to enter an area of the organization that is best suited to their profile.

1. Résumé review

The first step consists of reviewing the résumés and cover letters. The Recruitment and Selection team examines the applications sent using the online form. 

2. Candidate selection

In this phase, the candidate's characteristics, including their language skills, are compared with those required for the role.

3. Interviews

Preliminary and in-depth interviews are held with the recruiter and the manager of the respective department.

4. Results

Candidates are informed as to whether their application has been successful.

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