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Our Conflict Minerals Policy

UMBRAGROUP conducts due diligence to determine whether the use of any conflict materials in our products, known as 3TG, directly or indirectly finances or benefits producers from conflict-affected areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo or bordering countries (commonly known as “Covered Countries”). United States federal law lists the following as "conflict minerals”:

  • Tin
  • Tungsten
  • Tantalum
  • Gold

Sourcing minerals

Through careful analysis and diligent leadership, UMBRAGROUP keeps pace with the process of identifying risk areas for sourcing minerals, referring to OECD Guidelines on the responsibility to ascertain areas at risk for conflict minerals within one's own supply chain.

As part of the new supplier onboarding process, UMBRAGROUP uses the Conflict Materials Reporting Template along with other tools, including our sustainability questionnaires, to require direct confirmation that no conflict minerals are present in the materials we purchase and that the supplier's entire supply chain has been duly examined to obtain confirmation that the minerals mentioned above are not present.

The appointed auditors will be able to verify the truthfulness of the answers given by suppliers of raw materials.


Download the Conflict Minerals file.

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