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For all professional roles compatible with this operating mode, UMBRAGROUP has activated a new way of working: Smart-Working

Implementation of smart-working which demonstrates UMBRAGROUP values.

Three Bs make SMART work align with our values:

  1. Bricks: change of the physical space and choice of the most comfortable and functional environment for working and personal needs in maximizing performance, creativity and collaboration with the team. The synthesis of an optimal work-family balance.
  2. Bytes: Innovation and technologies. Technological equipment is essential so that an effective smart-working model can be implemented. Technological tools allow people to overcome physical and temporal distance and support flexibility, efficiency and productivity.
  3. Behaviors: focusing on individuals who must move towards empowerment and building a relationship of trust between managers and employees. The change in managerial culture is fundamental, with particular regard to  assessments based on the definition of objectives and the achievement of predetermined results. A different way of working and relating, based on autonomy and the convergence of personal and business objectives.

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