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Christmas Solidarity Initiative

Christmas Solidarity Initiative!

The Christmas that just passed created a gesture of love to people in great need of assistance.

Thanks to the compassion and generosity of UMBRAGROUP employees, € 6,757 was raised in Italy, Germany and the United States.

The Christmas Solidarity Initiative was promoted within the Group which focused on projects of the Valter Baldaccini Foundation in support of families, a unique and precious effort that goes beyond blood ties.

“By choosing to promote a solidarity Christmas - said the President of the Foundation, Beatrice Baldaccini - UMBRAGROUP and all its collaborators are showing that the Family is something unique, precious and goes beyond blood ties. It is precisely when we broaden our view of who to consider part of our family that we manage to have fraternal contact with others and to reach out to the most vulnerable ".

A Solidarity Christmas borderless!

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