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UMBRAGROUP and Andrea Santarelli support Foligno

Sport has always been associated with a very high educational value: it unites people and races, it gets young people used to rules, and it is an environment for socialization and growth. Practicing a sport also helps personal growth, working through fears and difficulties in order to overcome and defeat them.

It is precisely because of its health and educational values that we like to combine sport with an equally noble value, such as solidarity. This is how the project “A thrust for Umbria” was devised. It came out of the partnership between us at UMBRAGROUP and the Foligno fencing champion Andrea Santarelli. For each point Andrea scored during his sport season, the company has donated €1 to charity. Together we have chosen a project within our territory that could assist more people in need.

We have decided to support the Associazione Donne Insieme in their project supporting those who are facing a disease such as breast cancer.

The diagnosis of breast cancer, surgery, and the course of treatment induce a profound trauma in women which affects not only their bodies but also their thought processes and relationships with others. The whole personal sphere is affected.

In order to help women, the Women Together Association has developed and finances the ongoing psychological support project which collaborates with a psychologist from the hospital in Foligno. After breast surgery, patients need prolonged treatment, including radiation therapy, which is not available at the hospital in Foligno. In order  to insure that the women are not left alone when confronting this path of treatment to provide them with the ability to travel to the hospital in Spoleto, the nearest place for radiotherapy, the Association offers a shuttle service from the Foligno hospital and vice versa.

With the project “A thrust for Umbria”, UMBRAGROUP and Andrea Santarelli have supported this project by guaranteeing two months of service. This path is not only a journey to receive the appropriate treatment, but a real opportunity for socialization, sharing and dialogue. It is a way to not feel alone in dealing with your illness.

“I’m really happy that this project has gone as we hoped!  This last year I fought like a lion on the platform. I have fought point by point for all those who, through no fault of their own, find themselves fighting against something bad, and who put their hearts into confronting and winning every battle, every day.  I hope this contribution will be as helpful as possible, and that these initiatives will become more frequent. I embrace you with great affection.

“You are and always will be a great inspiration for me!” commented the athlete Andrea Santarelli on this donation.

“We at UMBRAGORUP are also proud of this donation” said CEO Antonio Baldaccini. “It is a small gesture, but it is concrete and it is directed toward those who have difficulty in receiving not only the right therapeutic support, but also and above all, psychological support. I hope this assistance can be a starting point for women in difficulty to overcome their biggest obstacle and to manage their lives in the best possible way as women, as wives, mothers and workers. Not feeling alone is a good starting point for more courage and strength in difficult times:”

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