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Global Strategy Observatory: the customer at the center

UMBRAGROUP a history of successes

Yesterday, September 26th, at Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan, the tenth edition of Osservatorio PMI was held, conceived and edited by Global Strategy.

The strategic and financial consulting firm, founded and led by Antonella Negri-Clementi, selects companies independently, analyzes the financial statements and data of over 40,000 Italian manufacturing and service companies, focusing on the 7,500 companies that record a production value between 20 and 250 million euros. The "excellent companies" of Global Strategy are those which, in the last five years, have exceeded the average of their specific sector in 10 economic-financial and capital parameters.

In particular, they have grown at a rapid pace and at the same time have been able to lower their debt. During the evening, UMBRAGROUP was recognized among the top 12 selected companies. Antonio Baldaccini, CEO & President UMBRAGROUP spoke: "Our company philosophy is focused on the importance of the working person. Our products are designed with a sharp focus on the needs of each customer, through real teamwork. Only in this way will the customer receive a solution that completely fulfills his expectations ". Antonio Baldaccini was awarded the first prize for "Good Governance", in the category of manufacturing companies, which highlights the importance of good leadership and Customer Centricity for obtaining important results.

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