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EcoMoving with Wecity

This morning, the EcoMoving press conference was held at UMBRAGROUP.

The company has always been very attentive on the issue of respect for the environment. There are many reasons for this policy: first of all, the desire to raise our employees' awareness of the environmental impact of commuting from home to work by car, and second, focusing attention on their health and well-being.

During the European Week of Sustainable Mobility, the company launched a new initiative on sustainability and respect for the environment. EcoMoving, the name of this project, is based on current technology: the Wecity App will be the tool available to individual employees to participate in the initiative, save CO2, and win prizes. In fact, it is a method of making employees aware of the environmental impact of their commutes between home and work, and of rewarding those who choose to make these trips in a sustainable manner, for example, by bicycle, on foot, by public transportation, or carpooling.

Through Webcity, UMBRAGROUP S.p.A. participants can accumulate credits that are directly proportional to the level of their trip’s sustainability. These credits can be used to purchase products with special discounts that are only available to the most conscientious.

Nando Mismetti, the Mayor of Foligno, who was present at the event, said that he was enthusiastic about UMBRAGROUP’s initiative and fully committed to the values shared with the company in terms of environmental sustainability and concluded: “I would like to thank UMBRAGROUP, which, as always, is responsible for initiatives that are so significant to the community. I hope that this is just the first example of corporate awareness on the issue of sustainable mobility!”

Michele Maccheroni, UMBRAGROUP Health, Safety and Environment Manager, explains the reasoning behind the initiative: “Social responsibility and respect for the environment are among UMBRAGROUP’s established values. With this project, we intend to reduce the environmental impacts due to traffic caused by our employees, rewarding those who make more conscious choices for commuting from home – work, and challenging those who are still resistant and pushing them to change”.

UMBRAGROUP’s Director of Human Resources for Innovation, Carlo Odoardi, emphasized that “this project has an impact of respect for the environment that surrounds us not only on the local level, and also foster a sense of participation and responsibility in our colleagues with the aim of contributing to a process of social innovation. The main purpose of the initiative is to induce real change, to motivate everyone to assume attitudes and lifestyles that promote a healthy environment, and to safeguard the context in which we live. This is possible through the individual awareness of one’s own values and beliefs which encourage actions based on respect for the environment in which we live”. 

UMBRAGROUP CEO, Antonio Baldaccini highlighted the importance of this project by stating “We are the first to launch this initiative in this area because we are excited by new challenges, but we hope that other entities will soon join us. We know unity is strength, and the ultimate goal is to succeed together to obtain critical mass, positively affecting the territory of Foligno, which is well suited to this type of initiative. So, let’s state the challenge: which employees will produce less CO2 this month?


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