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Summer Camps for Employee’s Children

The summer camps for the children of employees has come to an end. This activity has been taking place for nine years with the goal of helping UMBRAGROUP employees balance work and family life, plus, the little ones get to have fun together.

Every year, a diverse range of activities are offered that aim to stimulate the children’s creativity and dexterity and focus on issues that are important to their development. This year’s theme was the importance of nutrition: “What we eat and how we eat: let’s discover it together!”.

The reason this topic was chosen can be found in UMBRAGROUP’s comprehensive attention to the health of its employees. One of the various initiatives is the implementation of food programs designed by expert nutritionists in collaboration with the company cafeteria.

The children also had some meetings with a nutritionist from the ANT Foundation, who explained the importance of proper nutrition for a healthy life.  The meetings also had practical aspects such as creating a food pyramid. The event culminated with a visit to an educational farm which was really exciting for the little ones.

The Valter Baldaccini Foundation has also been at the Camps presenting the “in-book” project to the children. These are special books that are also suitable for children with socio-cognitive problems because their text has been translated into symbols, with the goal of making reading accessible to everyone. In relation to the theme of the Camp, the Foundation also gave all the participants carrot seeds to plant in the garden and a bookmark showing a sentence in symbols which translates to “Reading is a right for everyone”.

The children also did a lot of practical activities relating to food: for example, the cooking workshop, the pasta manual, eating lots of watermelon, etc.  Another interesting activity was Click in English, which was a photography course taught by a native English speaker.

Among the many organized activities, the one that was the most successful was the visit to the rafting center, which parents were also invited to attend.  It was a day spent in complete joy, immersed in nature with family and colleagues, and an excellent opportunity to get together and have fun.

The children came away from the camps undoubtedly enriched and with a greater awareness of healthy foods and the importance of eating healthily.

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