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MAP's project

The way to wellness

UMBRAGROUP is implementing a Corporate Welfare policy, which is a set of voluntary actions to provide support services to employees and their families. The goal is to improve the quality of life and the mental-physical well-being of employees.

Thus, was born the idea of a project that focuses on leading a healthy lifestyle, which allows us to stay vigorous and live better. We chose the name MAP precisely because it suggests the idea of a path, of a way to achieve mental-physical well-being. This path is structured in three stages: Movement, Nutrition and Posture.

MAP is a holistic approach in which movement, nutrition and posture are perfectly integrated with each other, giving rise to a synergy oriented towards well-being. The path is made safer and more pleasant by the presence and support of professional specialists who listen, follow and monitor the specific needs of every UMBRAGROUP worker, with individual meetings, in specially equipped rooms or at work stations.

UMBRAGROUP wants to offer all our employees the concrete tools to implement a healthy lifestyle.

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