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Valter Baldaccini: cultivating a more peaceful world

10-year anniversary of the passing to eternal life of Valter Baldaccini, Founder of UMBRAGROUP

Today, May 4, 2024, marks the tenth year anniversary of the passing to eternal life of Valter Baldaccini, Founder of UMBRAGROUPValter Baldaccini was a man who dedicated his life to the service of the common good, through his Values and ideas he inspired and continues to inspire the actions of our Group around the world. Not only on a business level, but especially towards the extended community, which played a central role in his life.

Valter Baldaccini as a man has always embraced fundamental concepts: the importance of relationships, whether commercial or between colleagues, the inescapable respect for others, the idea of a business linked to the collective economy, whereby wealth is to be redistributed among the many.

Through his thought and actions Valter Baldaccini is an example in cultivating the value of peace.

Thus was born VALTER BALDACCINI: CULTIVATING A MORE PEACEFUL WORLD. This descriptive title will accompany UMBRAGROUP until the end of 2024 and it will include a number of initiatives to honor Valter Baldaccini, emphasizing his personal character both professionally and in private life.

To tell you the deeper meaning of this slogan, we rely on a short passage taken from the book "Valter Baldaccini: enlightened entrepreneur in the service of the common good. The collection of writings and speeches".

"You will agree with me that one wish imposes itself above the others: may a new age begin in which humanity finally finds that peace which is the value on which the others are grafted, because peace means life, growth, the search for improvement in relations with one's neighbor and in relations among peoples. In peace truly man can become the center of all activity, not only because of what he does or produces, but also in view of the purposes for which he strives at all levels. [...] the hope is that through our work we can contribute to improving the quality of life [...] and that the commitment of scholars is always directed to the good of man." Valter Baldaccini, "NOI UMBRA" December 1999

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