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Business Week Umbria - 3rd Edition


From June 11th- 15th, 2018 the third edition of the Umbria Business Week was held. The business world and the school world met for an intense experience of leadership and entrepreneurship education. This initiative, based on an American model, is a summer learning program in English that places high school students in a dynamic, experiential situation. They compete as professionals in a manufacturing simulation to refine their communication skills and face the challenges of the real world. Specifically, the students, as real members of a company team, had the task of saving a company from bankruptcy. They managed the company and absorbed as much knowledge as possible during the seminars held by influential professionals in the field. These professionals volunteered their time to help the students with their preparation. The young people who participated in this program were enriched, not only in terms of skills, but especially on a personal level: they have gained greater confidence in themselves and in the future. And this is what drives us every year to repeat this fantastic initiative.

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