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Participation in the "School Cleaning Day" Project

On June 7, 2018 the students of the Primary School "Monte Cervino" of Foligno, together with 20 UMBRAGROUP employees, took part in the "School Cleaning Day" organized by Education for the Future in partnership with Retake, within the "Crazy About the Environment" project, promoted by Boeing and UMBRAGROUP. The project aims to raise awareness among young people, as citizens of tomorrow, about the challenge of environmental protection and is implemented through practical actions of children. The latter through recreational activities, together with the employees of UMBRAGROUP, took charge of redeveloping the park adjacent to their school by picking up and sorting waste, painting benches and games, removing graffiti and gardening. Young and old, motivated by a sense of responsibility towards the environment, have come together for a common cause: the care of public spaces. Also the CEO of UMBRAGROUP attended the event and gave a talk of encouragement for the children, calling them "Little Heroes".

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