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After acquiring the Thomson® Aerospace & Defense* Company in Saginaw, Michigan, CEO Antonio Baldaccini clearly outlines the future strategies to face the new challenge within the framework of Industry 4.0, paying attention to the enhancement of human capital.

The first change concerns the Human Resources department. After 10 years as Head of Human Resources for the Group, The Director, Beatrice Baldaccini, was appointed Chairman of Thomson® Aerospace & Defense, a licensed brand of Linear Motion LLC.

CEO Antoni Baldaccini has selected Dr.  Carlo Odoardi, a professor at the University of Florence, to be the new Human Resources Director.                                                    

Dr. Odoardi graduated from the University of Padova with high honors, he then obtained a two-year specialization in Industrial Relations at the University of Bologna, followed by a Masters in Occupational Psychology and Organization in Venice and a Master’s in Public Administration and Management from the School of Management in Rome.

He has held various management positions, first in Olivetti S.p.A, and then as Director of Public Administration in Tuscany. He was President of SIPLO (Italian Society of Occupational and Organizational Psychology).

He is a Professor of the Psychology of Work at the University of Florence and holds teaching chairs in the following: Psychology of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Integrated Systems, Psychology of Innovations in Organizations, and Psychology of Training.

Professor Odoardi says that ”to create the real change required by the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the corporate world, it is necessary to reposition the company management’s vision, which must necessarily rethink its mission by employing a new logic or activating models and leadership processes oriented to drive, support, and to value people in work settings. Leadership in organization’s requires those who exercise it to live in close contact with their collaborators, and to create challenging, productive workplaces where people have the opportunity to experience work autonomy and a sense of widespread organizational responsibility.

There are leaders who make themselves almost invisible, who empower, help and support people when needed, and who never stop being agents of change and growth for the company and the people. They are at the service to all those who contribute to the creation of value and the success of the business.

All those who work in companies must feel tha they are active citizens of the organization and part of a cultural and value system that is also based on social responsibility".

*Thomson® is a registered trademark of Thomson Industries, Inc.

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