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Girls in Science Project



Challenge, Career and Challenge!

These are words we strongly believe. On Saturday, May 19, eleven middle school girls from the Girll in Science program visited Umbra Cuscinetti Inc. to participate in an engineering challenge and to learn more about career opportunities in this area. This was organized by the Burke Museum in partnership with the University of Washington.

The project was created to inspire the next generation of researchers and engineers. In fact, it connects school girls from every grade with scientists from the Burke Museum and the University of Washington.  The initiative’s philosophy is hands on: promoting knowledge gained through experience in the real, physical, tangible world.

That’s why Umbra Cuscinetti Inc was enthusiastic about hosting the girls and providing them with this experience within the company, giving them direct contact with employees and the production process.

Umbra Cuscinetti is committed to building the workforce of the future and hopes to employ more women in the field of engineering, one f the most important areas. As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2016 less than 10% of electrical, aerospace and mechanical engineers were women. Umbra Cuscinetti Inc. would like to reverse this trend in the coming years by supporting the Girls in Science program.




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