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UMBRAGROUP flies into electronics!

Acquired 100% of ERA Electronic Systems shares

We are announcing a new and important milestone for UMBRAGROUP which is acquiring 100% of ERA Electronic Systems shares which is already a strategic supplier and long-term partner of the Group's electronic solutions.

With 20 years of experience, ERA is known in the aeronautical and defense landscape as a provider of design, qualification, production and after-sales assistance services for equipment and systems. ERA counts among its customers the major Italian and international players in the sector. 

United by a mission oriented towards the implementation of high-tech systems, Era's entry into UMBRAGROUP is part of a strategic project aimed at acquiring new capabilities and supporting the Group's growth in the electrification sector.

"As I have already underlined, adding new collaborators to the company also entails an increase in social responsibility that as President, but also as a Group, we have towards our wider community."

Reno Ortolani, Chairman of UMBRAGROUP's BoD

"Era is a beautiful and dynamic company in the field of electronics for aerospace and defense applications. I am sure its addition to Umbra Group will allow us to face new technological challenges and be counted among the pioneers of new mobility and electrification".

Matteo Notarangelo, UMBRAGROUP CEO

Joseph Persampieri remains President & CEO of Era's Board of Directors: an element of continuity that will be fundamental to building Era's future together in UMBRAGROUP

"The entry into Umbra allows ERA to enter new markets, to strengthen the partnership with historical customers, to access more ambitious programs and guarantee the major global players a consolidated best value"

Joseph Persampieri, President & CEO of Era Electronic Systems

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