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UMBRAGROUP is still growing: acquires 51% of COMEAR and BSP's shares

An historic Partner enters the Group for new synergies

This morning the acquisition of 51% of COMEAR and BSP shares by UMBRAGROUP was made official.

UMBRAGROUP is linked, even more firmly, to the historic connection with the Spello-based company, strengthening a Partnership that has deep roots. In fact, the two companies have been suppliers to the Foligno factory for around 30 years, both in the Industrial and Aerospace markets. Present at the signing together with the UMBRAGROUP’s Leadership was COMEAR and BSP CEO, Claudio Becchetti, with whom the other 49% of the shares of the two companies will remain.

Furthermore, since this last June, Claudio Becchetti was appointed member of UMBRAGROUP’s Board of Directors, demonstrating the strength, respect and trust which has evolved in this relationship.

This operation allows the Group to exploit important synergies for the development of increasingly complex, innovative, and sustainable architectures, and most importantly, to offer an ever-greater competitive advantage in a constantly evolving market.

"The entry of COMEAR and BSP into UMBRAGROUP represents an important opportunity not only for business growth but also for enhancing strategic value by integrating their respective technological skills and commercial synergies into the portfolio of existing customers and on new potential markets " states Matteo Notarangelo, CEO of UMBRAGROUP.

"For the entire Group it is a very important moment, a day in which we are not only enriched with new capabilities - comments Reno Ortolani, President of the Board of Directors of UMBRAGROUP - above all with new People, who remain the beating heart of our Group" .

Technique and know-how, together with Social Responsibility towards people and the wider community, continue to represent the engine for the growth of the Group, always firmly anchored to its non-negotiable Values, the lighthouse that guides the entire activity.


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