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UMBRAGROUP buys Thomson®


UMBRAGROUP flies beyond 200 million euros in sales through the acquisition of Thomson® Aerospace & Defense*, a legendary name in the aerospace industry in America and the world.

With this acquisition, UMBRAGROUP consolidates its global leadership in this specific segment.

This is an important step for our growth shared with the President of the Board Antonello Marcucci and the top management” declares Antonio Baldaccini, CEO of UMBRAGROUP “This is happening at a time of strong currency instability, consolidation of the major players in the aerospace market, and strong insourcing by American companies. Our goal remains to generate long-term sustainable profits, the first beneficiaries of which will be our employees. The acquisition of this company will allow us to have a greater role in the global scenario.

In 1936 Thomson® Aerospace & Defense, then a division of the General Motors Actuation Products Group, pioneered recirculating ball screws in Saginaw for use in automotive power steering systems. In the early 1940’s, the Company would achieve another historical milestone when successfully developing the world’s first aircraft ball screw product, which was utilized on the legendary B-29 “Superfortress”, the aircraft that changed the global geopolitical balance.

Today, Thomson® Aerospace & Defence has annual revenues of 40 million USD with 180 employees. Its acquisition will allow UMBRAGROUP to acquire new civil programs, to expand into the defense and nuclear sectors, and to provide aerospace ballscrews, actuators, and electromechanical systems: “Made by UMBRAGROUP in the USA”.

This acquisition is part of a strategic project that the Group’s CEO has shared with the entire Board of Directors, to support continued growth, to generate a sustainable long-term profit, and to strengthen employment in the world.

UMBRAGROUP is bringing a great player to its team and continues climbing to be FIRST, an acronym that summarizes its values: Focus on the customer, Innovation, Respect, Social responsibility, Teamwork.

All this confirms that UMBRAGROUP is always ready for new challenges and opportunities for growth in today's highly competitive global environment.

*Thomson® is a registered trademark of Thomson Industries, Inc.

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