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The new edition of the meeting dedicated to the new hires of UMBRAGROUP S.p.A.

Beatrice Baldaccini, Vice President and Chief People & Brand Officer of UMBRAGROUP tells us about the morning!

Beatrice Baldaccini, Vice President, and Chief People & Brand Officer of UMBRAGROUP, tells us about the meeting held this Saturday, September 9th, dedicate to UMBRAGROUP S.P.A. new hires in Foligno. Together, let's share the emotions of the day through her words!

UMBRAGROUP resumed the tradition of the "Welcome" meeting for new hires, an event that brings us great pride and satisfaction. It was a moment of sharing the Group’s history, Values, and the business philosophy. The meeting focused on Respect and Teamwork, values that are integral parts of UMBRAGROUP. The Group is keenly aware of its roots and aims to pursue ambitious growth goals, offering increasingly advanced technological solutions.

The participants then engaged in an exciting Team Building activity, which resulted in the creation of the first UMBRAGROUP Space Rocket.

The grand finale was the presentation by Eng. Paolo Nespoli, one of the 7 Italian astronauts who challenged the audience, urging them to pursue impossible goals because only those who dare, can reach them."

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