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Eltmann will produce again the large steel balls!

New supply contract for the balls with a diameter of 320 mm

Eltmann is again the FIRST in the production and supply of large balls is back! After 25 years of stop, the production of steel balls with a diameter of 320 mm starts again for the German site of the Group: the Präzisionskugeln Eltmann.

A great achievement for the entire UMBRAGROUP Team, 320 mm steel balls will be supplied to the Bagger 288 Excavator, the world's largest land vehicle, with dimensions reaching 225 meters in length and 96 meters in height, produced by German Krupp. The last time Eltmann had been authorized to produce these spheres, it was in the '90s- 

After that, Präzisionskugeln Eltmann GmbH had produced balls with a maximum diameter of 200 mm (about 33 kg in weight). With this new delivery, the balls that UMBRAGROUP will supply to Krupp for its 288 Excavator will have a weight of more than 133 kg, this is a top product at Eltmann's German facility!


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