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Today, we are UMBRAGROUP

UMBRAGROUP SpA: a more global vision

The company, founded in 1972 for the production of large precision bearings, has, over time, expanded its product portfolio and innovated processes and technology. In 1978, it had already introduced the recirculating ballscrew, which made the group the flagship of world aeronautics. Furthermore, in 2005, it began to design and develop electromechanical actuators. These are more complex and technically advanced systems with multiple applications in markets different from those previously  covered by the Group.

The company has changed over time, from both a cultural and management point of view, from a local company to a global industry. Over time, through continuous improvement of processing services, it has succeeded in creating a dynamic, high performance work environment, able to generate value for customers and shareholders. An environment where all employees feel like part of an orchestra, aware of the value they bring and their responsibilities. It is everyone’s contribution that makes the final melody perfect, as in a perfectly executed concerto.

The Board and Directors are working to ensure that the trust that has been built over time with all the stakeholders continues to be solid and vigorous, a prerequisite for exponential growth.

A growth that also happens through acquisitions: two from 1996 to 1999, one in 2011, and one in 2017. Today the Foligno company is the parent company of five operations with production sites in Italy, Germany, and the USA, pursuing a future full of opportunities and innovation.

In this context, the company name, Umbra Cuscinetti, is no longer enough to express the company’s spirit, it complexity, and its internationality.

UMBRAGROUP corresponds to entities located on every continent communicating with the same voice regardless of the speaker. The decision to make a connection between the name and the group stems from this.

Umbra is more of a team than ever, it is performing more than ever, it is more global than ever: it is more UMBRAGROUP than ever.

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