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August 21st: World Entrepreneur Day

What does it means being entrepreneurs? Speaks the UMBRAGROUP's Leadership

Today, August 21, marks World Entrepreneurship Day. The purpose of this day is to create awareness about entrepreneurship, leadership and sustainable development around the world. A day to celebrate people who decide to strike out on their own and do business. A day dedicated to the founders, pioneers and innovators who work hard every day to create progress, wealth and prosperity.

UMBRAGROUP also wants to celebrate its Leadership today, with a short interview to its entrepreneurs: Reno Ortolani, Chairman of the UMBRAGROUP Board of Directors; Beatrice Baldaccini, Vice President of UMBRAGROUP Board of Directors; Leonoardo Baldaccini, President of UMBRAGROUP's U.S. offices; and Sara Ortolani, CEO Environment, Health, Safety and Energy.

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur nowadays?

Being an entrepreneur means, without a doubt, having a bit of healthy craziness! Why? Well, first, because if you are not a little crazy, you won’t make certain investments and take certain risks. Certainly, the first thought, especially today, is the responsibility towards all employees and consequently to their families. The entrepreneur not only provides employment but is the one who engages with the employees, and their work, corresponds not only to economic rewards but mostly to human dignity. Today is an even more challenging task, everything is faster and more changeable, and the entrepreneur is called upon to hold on firmly to the reins of an organization that, regardless of size and turnover, is composed of people who need certainty and stability. (Reno Ortolani, Chairman of UMBRAGROUP Board of Directors)

What quality should necessarily characterize an entrepreneur?

The qualities that should necessarily characterize an entrepreneur are primarily courage, foresight, and resilience. If one is not courageous in taking risks, then it is difficult for the business enterprise to grow and bring value to more and more stakeholders. If one does not have an overall vision, calibrating each step to the present, but more importantly to the future, it is difficult to engage in good entrepreneurship. Finally, if one does not feel an integral part of the extended community, with which the entrepreneur shares the wealth created, then doing business seems to be an end. (Beatrice Baldaccini, Vice President of UMBRAGROUP Board of Directors)

What is required of an entrepreneur to do business abroad?

To do business abroad, it is necessary to have a clear vision of why one uses the lever of Internationalization. The famous North Star indicates whether the path you have taken, or the one you’re going to take, leads to the desired destination. In addition, it is essential to have the humility to learn and cultivate a high emotional intelligence that allows you to relate to the Culture of the country that is hosting you; and consequently, to have at your side a right Team that understands the culture and vision of the entrepreneur and helps him adapt it in the territory. Lastly, the entrepreneur abroad cannot become discouraged if there are unforeseen events or misunderstandings with the local culture, but to continue to collaborate and create the Operating Team, supporting and helping it to achieve its goals. And then, of course, a little bit of luck never hurts! (Leonardo Baldaccini, President of UMBRAGROUP's U.S. offices)

Can we contribute to the common good by doing business?

We can and we must. Business is not a separate entity from the socioeconomic context where it exists but is inevitably and necessarily part of society where it draws the resources, materials, and inspiration to do its work. Therefore, it is not only fair, but it is incumbent to give back in return, in equal measure, what is taken, to make the business sustainable in the long term. The common good can take different forms: from investments in energy management to investments in water conservation, so the enterprise does not take more from the land than it can bear. In addition, voluntary initiatives can and should be made to benefit the community near and far. Today, in fact, we cannot disregard the surrounding context if we want to do business in a forward-looking way, and an overall vision is necessary, including above all People, who will one day be called upon to take our place, our companies, our world. (Sara Ortolani, CEO Environment, Health, Safety and Energy)

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