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Renewal of the UMBRAGROUP Board of Directors

Confirmation and expansion of Board Members

After one year, the Board of Directors of UMBRAGROUP is confirmed, with Eng. Reno Ortolani as Chairman, Dr. Beatrice Baldaccini as Vice-President, Eng. Matteo Notarangelo as CEO, Dr. Leonardo Baldaccini, Dr. Marco Rossi, Eng. Sonia Bonfiglioli and Dr. Sara Ortolani as Directors members.

The Team, which has been in office for a year and is made up of professional figures capable of guaranteeing both continuity and innovation, has been joined by two new members: Claudio Becchetti, CEO of Comear and BSP, and Ing. Marco Fumagalli, Senior Advisor of Kon Group. These new figures enriched the Board, in fact are able to bring their professionalism and human depth, without losing agility, innovative spirit, and passion towards its stakeholders.

The new Board of Directors, which takes office upon the approval of the new Strategic and Industrial Plan 2023-2027, will have the task of supporting the Group in an important moment of business transformation. UMBRAGROUP is increasingly aiming to play a leading role in the revolution of motion solutions, mostly through the development and production of increasingly complex architectures: mechanical, electronic, and electrical. The Group's objective is solid, clear, and concrete: Acting for the next generation!

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