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UMBRAGROUP and SUPERNAL announce their Partnership

UMBRAGROUP joins with Supernal in a revolutionary advanced air mobility project.

Today, during the 54th Aeronautics and Space Show at Paris Le Bourget at Umbria Aerospace Cluster's booth, of which UMBRAGROUP is member, the new partnership with Supernal was made official!

The Korean company is developing a new electric vehicle with vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) capability. It will revolutionize the concept of sustainable mobility by aiming for a true technological revolution over the next few years, which will also include UMBRAGROUP!

UMBRAGROUP can design and produce complex, light and safe, high-tech architectureswith the advantage of increasing the performance of the solutions on which they are mounted while reducing the environmental impact.

UMBRAGROUP will be part of the growth and development in the field of Advanced Air Mobility!

“This is a new and exciting challenge for UMBRAGROUP. Becoming part of this project and being a supplier of advanced technologies for Supernal is an honor for us. Being selected for the electromechanical implementation on such a revolutionary platform makes us proud and elevates us among the leading players in Advanced Air Mobility. We strive for excellence in all vertical markets we serve, and we distinguish ourselves by offering innovative and sustainable solutions to our customers to help them become more competitive."

 Matteo Notarangelo, UMBRAGROUP CEO

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