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Gala dinner

The room was set up and the tables were arranged perfectly. The keywords of the evening were elegance and emotion. Yesterday, 600 guests from all over the world wanted to celebrate with UmbraGroup!

“We have come a long way since our Founding Father started this dream. The company has grown and developed. We have been good and lucky in seizing opportunities, and for this, I thank all of you for what you have made possible in these 45 years. UmbraGroup has an incredible strength: its people and the territory where this adventure began. Today, here we are, with our factories and products all over the world, and this is a source of pride for all of us. Best Wishes to UmbraGroup”.

With these words, Antonello Marcucci, Chairman of the Board of Directors, welcomed our main international stakeholders during the wonderful evening, where the official moments were interwoven with music and entertainment.


Strong emotions accompanied the launch of the Video Umbra made to highlight these 45 years and to signal a new beginning.

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