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Inauguration of the experimental engineering laboratory

The inauguration was exciting. During the ceremony, UmbraGroup CEO, Antonio Baldaccini declared: “The opening of this new center of excellence during our 45th birthday celebration fulfills a dream that started in 1972 with the production of components, and today, we’ve advanced to the design, production, and testing of complex systems. This is the result of an innovative path that UmbraGroup has taken with a dynamic and reliable team. At UmbraGroup, it’s the TEAM that makes the difference”.

The CEO continued: “This Experimental Engineering Laboratory is a true gym where, through specific tests,we can challenge our limits and ensure that Umbra’s solutions meet the customer’s stringent requirements.  UmbraGroup is a dynamic company, and our 45th is our new starting point for plotting the course toward a future full of innovation and integration: men, women, technology, and machinery, all interconnected to create a better world.

A lot of people from all over the word participated in the great event.

Among the attendees, the Regional Vice President, Council Member Paparelli praised “a success story achieved thought he pursuit of industrial excellence, management that has remained deeply rooted in Umbria, while keeping their eyes open to the world. The Mayor of Foligno, Mr. Mismetti, characterized Umbra as the pride and joy of Foligno, and of Italy, and an international role model, and thanked them for their work on behalf of the entire local community. The Bishop of Foligio, S.E. Gualtiero Sigismondi, blessed the new center.

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