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UMBRA CUSCINETTI receivs the Eubiosia award - Ant Foundation

The VIII edition of the Eubiosia Prize took place on Monday, November 21,2016. Over the years this has proven to be a time of discussion and reflection on the theme of corporate social responsibility, the relationship between profit and non-profit, and corporate welfare.

Umbra Cuscinetti received the Eubiosia award for “sharing the value of the good life” for supporting  projects that involve their employees and contributing to the welfare of the region, for their loyalty in supporting ANT’s mission and for supporting high-impact social projects.

This year’s theme about interventions, “The Welfare of the XXI Century: impact, integration, effectiveness. Public, business and social organizations on the road to sustainability and solidarity”, was made through a presentation of the SROI evaluation of the Eubiosia project.

The presentation illustrated the results of the assessment on the impact of home care services offered free of charge by the ANT Foundation of Italy to cancer patients in the province of Bologna.

The Social Return on Investment (SROI) assessment that was utilized, created a stakeholder engagement process, using quantitative counterfactual analysis in order to understand and measure the change generated by the ANT foundation Services.

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