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Kathy Moodie, CEO of the US facilities as presenter at the PNAA Conference

Reflections, Insights and Guidance from Women Trailblazers: excitement of the industry and women's role

Kathy Moodie, CEO UMBRAGROUP US facilities, spoke at the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance’s Women in Aerospace Conference today, May 18, 2023. Over 270 Women in Aerospace came together to share ideas, learn from one another, and build new relationships! The theme of the event was Power of the Past – Force of the Future. The CEO participated in the "Reflections, Insights and Guidance from Women Trailblazers" segment of the conference. As a presenter, Kathy Moodie shared insight and excitement of the industry and women’s roles. Without a doubt, women were inspired by Kathy Moodie’s story, accomplishments and passion! Finally, our CEO was available to share information about UMBRAGROUP’s production for the A&D market and speak with local talent regarding career opportunities available at UMBRAGROUP.


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