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Kathy Moodie is the CEO of UMBRAGROUP USA

Change of leadership: new goals and challenges!

UMBRAGROUP announces an important change of leadership in the Group: Kathy Moodie has been appointed the CEO of the Group's American offices.

The Team is strengthened by Kathy Moodie, a professional of absolute value, with extensive experience in the aeronautical and manufacturing fields, gained at The Boeing Company, where she recently performed the role of Vice President, Everett Delivery Center (delivering all wide-body airplanes) and Vice President of Everett Site Operations.

Her leadership style is characterized by strong cross-functionality, excellent communication skills, and great attention to team development with particular emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

We are certain her contribution will be fundamental in achieving UMBRAGROUP’s strategic objectives in the coming years by developing the key points in the creation of a sustainable future.

We fully support Ms Moodie in achieving ambitious goals together with her team.

Kathy Moodie - new CEO UMBRAGROUP USA

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